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    Security Updates

    Protection & Safety

  • SEO

    Search Engine Optimsation

  • Dynamic Design


  • Responsiveness

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  • 24/7 Support


  • Monitoring

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  • Modernization

    By latest web trends

  • Customization


Trusting your website with us, means it will be our responsibility that everything works as it should. With Care & Professionalism.

From Consultation to Implementation, our team of experts can take care of everything so you can focus on your business present and future.

Health, Performance, Search Engine Optimisation, Security, User Experience... This is our job!

  • Consultation / Advisoring.
  • Design and Implementation
  • Delivery and Support
  • Monitoring, Reporting & Control

In more detail

Hosting your website in our servers

We highly recommend you wost your website with us. Because that way, we can be sure it is live 24/7 and when it comes to security, we can have an inside look on what went wrong. Security and performance are both vital for the health of your projects. Among others administration procedures, we backup everything regularly minimising the case of data loss.

Why to do this:
  • Ensuring your website is up and running
  • Security updates and protection against cyber attacks
  • Imidiate troubleshooting and better insight look on what went wrong

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Regular Backups is our Policy

We have a strict policy for regular backups, as they can save the day in various ways. Keeping it in more than one location and remote. Not just keeping you safe from data loss but serves as versioning of your projects.

Why we do so:
  • Keeping Data Loss chanse at minimum
  • Versioning and Archives
  • Restore a project to previous state
  • Proper for simultaneously testing enviroment

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Content Management Systems

We work with all popular Content Management Systems... Drupal, Joomla, WordPress and more. But we don't stop there. Contact us to design and create a custom CMS, tailored for your needs. From a simple Blog to advanced Social Media platforms, having the flexibility of full control is a key advantage.

Why a custom CMS:
  • It is lightweight and faster than a general purpose CMS.
  • Things look and behave as you want them to do
  • Enchanted security & inner safety procedures

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Regular Security Updates

In most cases, a Security Breach means a great damage to your image. Sometimes, even the End of your Project. From Google Black List to Personal Data leak, we are here 24/7 to protect you and your customers. In our battle against malicius users and scripts, we have a set of tools to keep things in order.

Why to trust us:.
  • We check systematically for suspicius movements & traces
  • Our testers search constantly for safety holes
  • We use a set of tools to protect your project
  • You frequently get reports on what is happening

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Support & Consultation

Search Engine Optimisation, E-commerce, Keywords & Market Research, Website Optimization just to name a few... They are procedures that demand methodical actions, devotion and knowhow. Our team of experts are here for you. To Advise, Support, Improve...

What that means:
  • We look for performance issues and how to improve
  • Comparing the current style with the modern trends and rules
  • Suggesting updates withing Search Engine Optimization standards
  • Conducting Market and Keyword search on your behalf

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